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Spring Ahead: Keeping the IT House in Order

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Now that the long frigid months of winter have passed, spring is the time to open the windows, sweep away the cobwebs, and start anew. While most IT leaders would agree that keeping the IT house in order is very much a year-round effort, spring brings a reminder to pull out the white gloves and take a closer look for any technical debt hiding in the dusty corners. And your first order of business should be to begin re-assessing your Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 management strategy.

Below are the top three challenges IT management, who do not have an easy to use and effective Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting strategy in place, typically face:

#1 Need for Remote Workforce

In the last year, there was an abrupt move to a remote work business model. Many organizations are faced with either the lack of collaboration tools or lack of end user adoption.  A quick way to improve end user productivity is by removing barriers that impede collaboration that drives organizational resiliency, especially against world-impacting events.  It is essential to deploy Office 365 end user experience monitoring that ultimately will empower end users to rapidly adopt digital applications, such as Microsoft Teams — the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective. 

#2 Decades-old systems 

As the years go by, legacy servers, process and procedures are carried forward even if doing so requires a large amount of work, major updates, or more money to support. Typically no one goes back proactively and examines these things until after a high threshold pain point occurs – such as a the recent critical attack of Microsoft Exchange Server. Organizations are often surprised and left scrambling. If you have numerous Exchange servers and need to understand the version and patch you are currently running, it is essential to deploy an Exchange monitoring tool that enables you to access the security risk in your environment and ensure the patch was successfully installed. Having a proactive monitoring strategy has come to be considered imperative in recent days.   

#3 Incompatibilities with current technologies 

Many organizations embark on either a merger or acquisition to help achieve strategic business growth. Often after the financial aspect of the deal is finalized, the transaction comes to a halt because of being unable to easily integrate or migrate environments or active directory. Reasons behind this slow crawl are usually because systems have reached end of support, major upgrades are needed, or antiquated and critical applications are difficult to integrate with modern technology, even for the most skilled legacy IT professional within either organization. It is essential to deploy Active Directory reporting that provides both real-time data and historical trends to enable IT Pros in accurately forecasting necessary resources to meet the growing demands of merger or acquisition scenarios.  

Organizations have a modern and effective Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 management strategy are better positioned to meet future business requirements, such as modern virtual workplaces, and achieve cost savings with minimal disruption to operations. 

At ENow, our monitoring and reporting solutions transforms and simplifies the way IT manages complex Microsoft infrastructure in an effort to improve service delivery and increase workplace productivity. Contact us today to be positioned for the future. 

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