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Megan Strant

My passions are Microsoft Office 365, organization change strategy and user experience. It’s been my core focus for 8+ years helping organizations plan for, implement, and adopt the technology. I have spent over 14 years combining my Psychology degree, Prince2/ITIL accreditation and Agile experience to drive project success. I focus on the Change Management Strategy across an Office 365 implementation and ongoing roadmap, establishing readiness and redesigned ways of working. At the center of all my work is the impact and experience of people, along with the bigger picture and value of Office 365 for an organization. My consulting roles have a major engagement element, whether leading the technical delivery, or consulting solely on change strategy and user experience, managing delivery and also leading key conversations and being a leader in those challenging times.

The More You Give, The More You Lose

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Megan Strant

When managing your platform, some applications may be a higher risk of leaking data outside your organization and you just don't know it. There have been some very public scenarios of organization leaking data, or having breaches and stolen data. It's like a modern horror movie with the fear of what could happen to a company, or an an individual, if our data ends up in the wrong hands.

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