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ENow Helps Solve Microsoft Teams Call Quality Issues

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ENow expands its Microsoft 365 Monitoring tool to include Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring

ENow’s Microsoft 365 Monitoring tool transforms the way IT supports these complex services, which enable organizations to improve service delivery, increase workplace productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

IRVINE, CA., November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ENow, an award-winning Monitoring & Reporting technology platform, announced a new Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring & Reporting module that enables CIOs and their engineering teams to solve their users’ Microsoft Teams call quality issues and improve their governance posture.

With more companies relying on Microsoft Teams as a business-critical tool, there is an increased demand for top performance from the solution as productivity and collaboration rely so heavily on it.

According to Gartner, Microsoft Teams has more than 270M monthly active users, and more than 80M use Microsoft Teams phone services. The analyst firm also estimated that 15% (or 30 million) of Microsoft 365 licensed users have already adopted Microsoft Teams’ Phone System as their primary, telephony communications tool. As a result, Microsoft 365 monitoring for CIOs has risen in priority and including Microsoft Teams performance monitoring has become vital.

This growth in Microsoft Teams implementation is largely due to the global pandemic as employees began working remote and meeting virtually. Even today, hybrid work has become the norm, cementing the need for and importance of collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams. However, not all companies use Microsoft Teams equally. Therefore, understanding usages, experiences, latency requirements, outages and call quality issues is critical.

Microsoft does provide native reporting tools that help IT teams understand issues. The Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Call Quality Dashboard provide analysis and reporting on various metrics including users’ calls and sessions, signal strength, systems details, failures, health, etc. While these are useful and informative, there are still gaps – specifically in Microsoft Teams performance monitoring and the ease of use of the reporting offered. For many, this requires skills in Power BI, requirements to upload building to network mapping, adjusting thresholds, and time to learn how to understand the data presented.

This is where ENow’s Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring tool provides value. ENow’s solution was not built to replace or diminish the value of Microsoft’s native reporting tools; rather, it was built to complement them. “Microsoft has done a good job with the reporting they provide in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Call Quality Dashboard. Our monitoring solution is built on top of these and makes it very easy to provide Microsoft Teams performance monitoring and solve Microsoft Teams call quality issues quickly," says ENow CEO Jay Gundotra. 

Inspired by Microsoft MVPs alongside the requirements from ENow’s global clients, ENow’s Microsoft Teams Call Quality Monitoring tool is built to help IT & System Administrators quickly address Microsoft Teams call quality issues so their users can stay productive.

  • Assess Call Quality Issues
    Based on Microsoft Teams CQD, as well as feedback from users, ENow empowers IT with an in-depth view to monitor their company’s call quality metrics over the past month, week, or day.
  • VIP Monitoring
    Most often when outages or issues occur, IT is asked to not only provide a reason, but also solutions. This request is magnified when it comes down from executive’s or management’s poor experience. ENow’s Microsoft Teams monitoring tool enables you to monitor VIP and executives in near real-time and quickly drill into what is causing their call quality issues.
  • Unique Access for Quick Troubleshooting
    ENow provides access to service desk and Microsoft Teams personnel to quickly troubleshoot Microsoft Teams call quality issues in real-time.

ENow’s Microsoft Teams Monitoring tool quickly tells a manager or executive how Microsoft Teams is performing by taking key metrics that Microsoft recommends, surfacing them with alerts, so IT can quickly pinpoint and solve the underlying issue.

“ENow’s new, simplified Microsoft Teams call quality dashboard massively reduces complexity of what the Call Quality Dashboard provides in a single view,” said Microsoft MVP, Nicolas Blank. “Even allowing specific focus to be provided for VIP and executive users. It greatly accelerates the Microsoft Teams call quality troubleshooting experience.”

Check out our recent Microsoft Teams performance monitoring webinar focused on solving Microsoft Teams call quality issues, hosted by Microsoft Teams experts and Microsoft 365 MVPs Tom Arbuthnot and Nicolas Blank.

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