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ENow Launches EMS 7.16 with Enhanced Microsoft 365 Features

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At ENow, it’s our goal to optimize the service delivery of mission critical Microsoft collaboration platforms our customers need to meet their operational and business challenges. With the rapid global adoption of Microsoft 365, more organizations are transitioning off collaboration platforms like Zoom and Cisco WebEx to Microsoft Teams. The platform has become a requirement and a necessity for workplace efficiency and collaboration. Properly supporting your Microsoft 365 user base is crucial!
Based on client feedback and global Microsoft Teams trends, ENow for Microsoft 365 (EMS) is excited to release EMS 7.16. This version includes several new features and platform enhancements that enable you to better support your Microsoft 365 user base.
Key Features:
Key Benefits:
EMS 7.16 focuses on helping you improve Microsoft Teams Call Quality; gain more insights into SharePoint Online and OneDrive governance; and increase overall ease of use of the EMS platform. 
Quickly Assess the most common challenges for poor Microsoft Teams Call Quality
We are ecstatic to announce the delivery of a new Microsoft Teams Poor Call Snapshot dashboard to help you identify the most common issues causing poor Microsoft Teams Quality.  This dashboard aggregates all poor calls over defined periods of time, helping you understand if root cause issues are the ISP, audio device, network, connection type, Microsoft Teams client version or location. 
Gain insights into Teams adoption and Devices 
We’ve greatly improved our Microsoft Teams VIP Monitoring and Support Portal dashboards with more data to help you improve service to your end users. Are you looking for more visibility into how Microsoft Teams is being adopted?  We’ve also added 12 new reports that provide greater visibility into Microsoft Teams adoption, including device and Microsoft Teams rooms.

Improve your security and governance posture for SharePoint Online and One Drive
The Microsoft 365 platform has made it incredibly easy to collaborate amongst coworkers with the numerous improvements to SharePoint Online and One Drive. The downside to these technologies is that it is more difficult to govern and track what files and resources are being shared internally and externally. This release includes 14 new reports and new drill down enhancements on several other preexisting reports. These reports will enhance visibility and improve your security posture.

Reduce False Positives
We understand that supporting a user base on Microsoft 365 is incredibly challenging and complex. New features are enabled by Microsoft and released monthly. The need for visibility into how the platform is performing, how it is being used and controlling licensing costs is critical. Our platform has always excelled at testing if the Microsoft 365 services are working. 

With over 90 synthetic transactions we have learned that the service and our tests are dependent upon the network. False positives are common in EMS environments, and we understand that investigating these false alarms takes time, skill, and can unnecessarily increase your workload. With our commitment to improving as a software company, we’ve addressed these challenges by including a new Alert Intelligence Framework into the platform. This new framework does an excellent job of ensuring that when an alert fires the issue is persistent and is actually affecting your end users.

Improve the Admin Console User Experience
In this release, we reorganized the Tuning and Monitoring sections to group by functionality. Based on our BETA community’s feedback, we believe we have greatly improved the ease of use of the Admin console. We realize that supporting your users is not an easy job, and our goal was to decrease any burden and increase efficacy.
To see full release notes, contact your ENow Account Manager.
If you want to learn more about how ENow can help your organization stay productive, contact us today for more information, a demo, or a free trial of the solutions. 

ENow Announcement banner

ENow Launches New Features with Microsoft Teams Call Quality, Microsoft 365 Availability, Governance & Licensing

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