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5 Key Collaboration Capabilities That Are Imperative for Your M&A Day 1

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AmyKelly Petruzzella
Key Collaboration Capabilities for M&A Day 1 | ENow

A critical milestone during a merger or acquisition for enterprise end-users is Day 1. This is the first day when the merging organizations officially start working as one. It lays the foundation out of the gate and can affect the first 100 days post-transaction. To achieve a successful Day 1, it all comes down to IT.

IT needs to embrace a "no trade off" mindset to deal with a seamless Day 1 experience by removing communication blockers that often create challenges for end-users. Here are five key collaboration capabilities that are imperative for your end users on Day 1:

  • Look people up in a shared directory
    • Common email registry
  • Send and receive emails
    • Cross-platform email delivery
  • Schedule and update meetings
    • Calendar sharing
  • Content collaboration
    • Data accessibility
  • Unified brand
    • Sharing email domains between tenants
    • Automated email address rewrite services allowing end users to communicate from a common email domain —on both inbound and outbound mail

Depending on environments between the M&A organizations, this could either be a quick fix or an extensive effort. In many cases, you might have to use a third-party solution to make this happen smoothly and quickly.

Conquer the Complexities of M&A IT Integration

Synchronizing contact and user data between Active Directory forests can be difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone.  Make your life easier and streamline the M&A integration process with GALsync.

  • Sync users, contacts, Groups, attributes and more
  • Transfer the encrypted datafile via email, network share, or FTP
  • Manage how attributes are imported and exported
  • Modify target address, primary or secondary SMTP address
  • Automate the sync at pre-determined intervals

Evaluate GALsync

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