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Are You M&A Ready?

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AmyKelly Petruzzella
Are You Ready for Your Merger/Acquisition? | ENow

These days, chances are you will be asked to help orchestrate a merger or acquisition at some point, if you have not already. But you don’t have to wait until the project is underway. In fact, you can get started on a few things now,  before an M&A is even being discussed by your executive team.

The good thing is that many of the best practices to prepare your people and processes for an M&A also overlap with your broader digital transformation journey. So, it is effort well spent to put some thought into this now, as it will benefit your organization on several levels. Here are examples:

  • Adopt flexible architectures and processes
  • Be able to tell the difference between general IT issues and those related to a merger
  • Gather ready-made tools, templates, and checklists
  • Be ready to backfill IT roles with external IT resources, so your team has time and space to execute the M&A

Get Involved Early

Gartner estimates that more than 50% of all integration activities rely on IT, with 25% of those being directly led by IT. Organizations who want their transition to go more smoothly should involve IT up front. As CIO, you should:

  • Ask for a seat at the table; do not wait to be asked
  • Estimate integration effort
  • Plan the integration process for Day 1

Conquer the Complexities of M&A IT Integration

Synchronizing contact and user data between Active Directory forests can be difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone.  Make your life easier and streamline the M&A integration process with GALsync.

  • Sync users, contacts, Groups, attributes and more
  • Transfer the encrypted datafile via email, network share, or FTP
  • Manage how attributes are imported and exported
  • Modify target address, primary or secondary SMTP address
  • Automate the sync at pre-determined intervals

Evaluate GALsync

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