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Measuring Active Directory Migration

Measure Twice Cut Once: Getting Active Directory Ready for a Migration

Image of AmyKelly Petruzzella
AmyKelly Petruzzella

When you are planning any major IT transformation, we recommend that you do what the great craftsmen do: Measure twice. Cut once. That’s because we have seen it happen time and again. You spend all this effort creating a pristine plan and understanding the cool new features of the cloud platform you are migrating to. You market those features to your end users, to help show them how it will be a change for the better. And then the moment you start migrating, you run into issues. Now you have to stop the project and remediate these problems before you can keep going.

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3 Steps to Managing Azure AD

The Hard Part of Soft Matching between Active Directory and Azure AD

Image of Sander Berkouwer
Sander Berkouwer

One of the pieces of feedback we received from a previous ENow post (integrating your temporary COVID tenant with your on-premises environment), was the fear of introducing errors and interrupting processes that now rely on the Azure AD tenant. This, indeed, may be the case when you rely solely on Azure AD Connect’s soft matching capabilities and wield a narrow scope for synchronization of objects.

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Active Directory Management: Approaches for Greater Simplicity and Consistency

Image of AmyKelly Petruzzella
AmyKelly Petruzzella

The rising need for flexibility and ease of integration with other systems, either on-premises or in the cloud, are driving organizations to adopt a simpler directory structure. Ideally, Active Directory architecture, design, management and operations should seamlessly be monitored and adjusted to keep up with the changes occurring in the larger enterprise. More often than not, however, instead of having in place an Active Directory monitoring strategy there only are periodic reviews that happens usually in response to certain events — some of business nature, some related to changes in technology or products, and some security related.

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Active Directory Administration Cookbook, 2nd Edition

In this book, Microsoft MVP & Technical Editor of ENow's Azure & Active Directory Center, Sander Berkouwer will share the intricacies of managing Azure AD, Azure AD Connect as well as Active Directory for administration in the cloud and on Windows Server 2022.