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Basic Authentication Update - February 2022

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Jaap Wesselius

The last couple of years we have seen several security breaches in IT, leading to serious impact and financial losses. Not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world. Last year here in Holland we have seen two respected companies in a lawsuit, where one company was compromised, leading to a financial loss of a 7-digit number of the other company. The first company was running their environment in Office 365, but because of a weak password, the mailbox of a financial controller was compromised. It could easily have been prevented by using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In my own customer base there are also examples of security breaches, including CFO fraud which resulted in a financial loss which also could have been prevented easily.

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Gold Star Award

Techgenix Product Review: Active Directory Monitoring and Reporting Solution from ENow

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AmyKelly Petruzzella

Source: Techgenix

The story

Years back, some of you may remember, Active Directory (AD) was all the rage. I recall its release with Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and wrote entire books on the subject, everything from design to deployment to continued maintenance. Over time, it has lost its novelty as the shiny new toy, but it hasn’t lost its value as the foundation piece to all other aspects of your network and on-premises servers, like Exchange. That has held true even with its cloud-based cousin Azure AD. Nothing takes out the entire Microsoft 365 suite like an Azure AD outage because identity management and a host of other server necessities are tied back to it.

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Active Directory Monitoring: Replication

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ENow Software

Active Directory replication failures are like a leaking water pipe in your wall.   You don’t notice anything at first, but by the time you do, there is significant damage. It’s probably not altogether difficult to “repair” AD at this point and stop the "leak", but the damage remains. Monitoring Active Directory replication is essential to catching the little problems before they become major. It all starts with AD object inconsistencies between domain controllers.

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Active Directory Monitoring: Network AD Crashes

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AmyKelly Petruzzella

When a network issue leaves your DC stranded on an “island”

Your users know immediately when they lose their internet connection. Those “internet is down!” tickets start flowing. But what happens when the network segment hosting their domain controller (DC) is unreachable? Microsoft refers to the isolated segment as a “replication island”. This is when part of the domain or forest is unable to communicate with the other DCs. That’s a more insidious problem because the symptoms are not immediately obvious. 

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Active Directory Administration Cookbook, 2nd Edition

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