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Collaboration Pro is my contribution to the community, sharing of knowledge and articles relating to Exchange, Lync, Web Application Proxy (WAP) and Active directory Federation Services (ADFS). Exchange and Lync roles are one of the most important in an organization and as an IT person in the collaboration space you need to be able to provide that end-to-end support. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with you to assist you with your role in your organization. More about Ed.. I started working in the IT industry from 2001 in the networking space and worked my way up to the collaboration space. I am certified in alot of areas like SQL, SCOM, SCCM, DPM etc. but my core focus is Exchange and Lync and now the new Skype for Business Server. I also started with the WAP and ADFS technologies.

How to reconfigure Outlook on MAC to use Modern Authentication

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Edward van Biljon

In earlier post on this blog we discussed Microsoft turning off basic authentication and what you must do on an iPhone or Android to change to modern authentication. The last blog about clients is this one, where we discuss how to reconfigure Outlook for Mac to use Modern Authentication.

MacOS comes with a native mail client which is not very different compared to the native mail client in iOS for example. For use with Exchange Online, the Outlook for Mac client is strongly recommended (and most used).

If your Outlook for Mac stops working somewhere in October because of Microsoft turning off basic authentication, it is just a matter of recreating the profile in Outlook. Multi-Factor Authentication is not enforced when Microsoft is moving from basic authentication to modern authentication, but it is strongly recommended to start using multi-factor authentication because it reduces the risk of being hacked dramatically. This is discussed in a future blog (soon).

To ensure that you continue to receive emails on Outlook for Mac, we need perform the following steps:

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