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Microsoft Exchange Zero Day feature image

October Exchange Zero Day - Everything You Need to Know and Do

Image of Michel de Rooij
Michel de Rooij

Early August 2022, the Vietnamese organization GTSC Cyber Security noticed anomalies in their SOC and they discovered their Exchange servers were under attack. They quickly determined the attack utilized an unpublished Exchange security vulnerability. Due to earlier Exchange attacks GTSC quickly uncovered the vulnerability and Microsoft was informed about the vulnerability at this time.

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Decommissioning Your Last Exchange Server

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

Decommissioning the last Exchange server

When you are in an Exchange hybrid configuration and you have migrated the last Mailbox to Office 365, you might wonder what to do with the last (couple of) Exchange server that is still running on-premises. Can you decommission your last Exchange server because all your Mailboxes are in the cloud? From a supportability point of view the answer is still “No, you can’t decommission the last Exchange server because you need it for management purposes” and most customers think this is disappointing. Let me explain why we still need this last Exchange server.

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Securing Exchange Servers

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

Securing Exchange Servers

Securing Exchange servers is hard. I mean it can be a giant pain sometimes. There are what, hundreds of millions or maybe billions of lines of code running on your Exchange servers, right? It doesn’t take much for a typo to get through and open a vulnerability that can then be exploited opening the most important and valuable data within your organization to all kinds of bad actors.

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