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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps listing image

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

Formerly known as “Cloud App Security”, Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that is part of the Microsoft 365 Defender suite of products. Defender for Cloud Apps (DCA) is built to help IT departments control the data that their organizations have hosted in multiple cloud services including but not limited to Office 365.

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Exchange Y2K22 Bug banner image

Date Bug in Exchange Causes Headaches

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

Happy New Year! With the recent change to the new year, a nasty bug similar to the Y2K bug (Y2K22?) appeared in Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019. On 01/01/2022 at 0:00 hour UTC a date conversion failed inside the product, causing the anti-malware agent to fail. As a result, the Exchange transport service was no longer able to process email and mail started to queue on the Exchange server. This also happens on Exchange 2013, but email is not queued and therefore the issue is not directly visible.

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Helpful Ideas for Clearing AutoComplete and Recipient Caches

Clearing AutoComplete and Other Recipient Caches Redux

Image of Michel de Rooij
Michel de Rooij

Anyone who has participated in migrations or transitions to Exchange is probably familiar or had to work around potential issues caused by the nickname cache. A “cache,” also known by its file extension, NK2 in older Outlook clients, is a convenience feature in Outlook and Outlook on the web (OWA). It lets users pick recipients from a list of frequently-used recipients. This list is displayed when the end user types in the first few letters:

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Autodiscover Protocol Vulnerabilities

Autodiscover Vulnerability FUD or Not?

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

Social media exploded when an ISV who specializes in security released a blogpost about a vulnerability they found in Autodiscover, the protocol that is used by mailclients to discover Exchange configuration and configure themselves. Outlook is the client that uses Autodiscover the most, but mobile clients and third party applications can use Autodiscover as well.

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