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WEBINAR: Today's Top 5 Challenges with Microsoft 365

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Alistair Pugin


Here’s a rhetorical question - are you in the cloud? The answer is most likely yes, in some capacity you are consuming in the cloud, even if it’s just for collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

In today’s “cloud-first,” Microsoft-dominated world, customers have been flocking to the Microsoft 365 productivity suite since the beginning of COVID, mainly due to the collective challenges we faced as a species. Organizations were migrating to the cloud so fast and furiously, to the extent that Microsoft mentioned back in April of 2020 they saw two years of Digital Transformation during the first two months of COVID.

This dramatic global shift to the cloud introduced a plethora of changes for IT Pros and organizations to navigate:

  • The newness of the platform
  • The newness in the way organizations consume the platform
  • The newness of maintaining that platform

At the same time, it’s practically impossible to just switch off on-premises quickly. So, this hybrid co-existence adds to the complexity of managing both on-premises services, as well as how they connect and interact with their specific services in the cloud. 

Engineers and management alike have had to learn how to adopt, and adapt, to this new way of working so that they can provide the necessary services required by business to function in, a now, “cloud-first” world.

And that’s really what this webinar is all about. Over the last four years, we’ve helped tons of customers move their productivity estates to the cloud. We’ve helped organizations adopt various workloads in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and with that comes the daily, weekly, and monthly activities that their IT admin staff must take on.

During this webinar, we unpack, discuss, and provide our thoughts and opinions on what organizations should be looking at when it comes to providing operational efficiency to their users. These concepts are based on what we have seen over the last four years after customers have migrated:

  • Monitoring: How companies have adjusted to the new tooling that Microsoft provides as part of the Microsoft 365 admin centers. Are these tools good enough, and what is available from the industry that can help organizations monitor the platform better.
  • VoIP: Session Boarder Controllers are now virtual and that brings its own set of challenges for customers. Being reliant on users’ broadband connectivity and not the organization's infrastructure, as hybrid work has become the de facto standard for industry today.
  • Governance and Security: Content is everywhere, and must be accessible from anywhere, including in various Microsoft 365 services. (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive) How are organizations protecting and governing their data estate?
  • User Adoption: Are organizations able to gauge usage across the platform? How are organizations measuring adoption success? What is available and are these signals accurate?
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 licensing: “You must have an E5 to maximize usage and provide adequate protection.” This is arguably the biggest misnomer. User profiling is a must.

Invariably, organizations have either procured and provisioned services in the Microsoft 365 stack, and struggled to maintain them, or they have had to roll back to traditional methods because of the arduous task of making sure that the platform performs adequately to meet their user’s needs. Either way, companies are finding it hard to adapt and become efficient.

If your organization has or is struggling with any of these scenarios, please join our session on Thurs, 8/17 at 10 am PST and learn how you can maximize your Microsoft 365 investment.


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