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On-Demand video resources to help IT professionals understand and overcome the challenges of Microsoft 365, Entra ID Application Governance, Active Directory, and Exchange monitoring and reporting.

SaaS Security Exposed 265 Days of Alarming Entra ID Application Discoveries - webinar recording

SaaS Security Exposed: Alarming Entra ID Application Discoveries

Understand the 'red flags,' most significant risks, and challenges companies face and unlock the secrets of SaaS Security Posture Management. With SaaS applications integrated heavily into our Microsoft 365 and Entra ID tenants and user identities, ensuring their security is more critical than ever. In this webinar, we will share:  

  • Surprising Findings: Eye-opening security flaws and vulnerabilities discovered in Enterprise Applications, App Registrations, and Entra ID tenant settings.  
  • Real-world Challenges: Common hurdles and security gaps that could be putting your organization at risk.  
  • Actionable Insights: Practical steps and strategies to bolster your cloud security posture.  
Microsoft Teams-Mastering Adoption, Monitoring, and Governance

Microsoft Teams: Mastering Adoption, Monitoring, and Governance

Are you ready to elevate your organization's collaboration and productivity to new heights with Microsoft Teams? In today's fast-paced digital landscape, effective management of Microsoft Teams adoption, monitoring, and governance is crucial for success.  We'll show you: 

  • Proven techniques for accelerating adoption and maximizing user value from Microsoft Teams. 
  • Comprehensive approaches to monitoring Teams performance and addressing potential issues proactively. 
  • Strategies for establishing robust governance policies to safeguard data integrity and ensure compliance. 
  • Practical insights and actionable steps to optimize your Teams management practices and drive tangible results. 

Drawing from a decade of practical, hands-on experience with Entra ID (A.K.A. - Azure Active Directory), Nicolas Blank and Alistair Pugin share key strategies and methodologies to streamline Entra ID deployment while ensuring adherence to compliance, bolstered security, and operational efficiency. In this session, we cover: 

  • Defining Clear Policies and Roles 
  • Implementing Robust Access Controls 
  • Designing and enforcing access control mechanisms 
  • Harnessing Entra ID features 
  • Monitoring and Auditing Mechanisms 
  • Addressing User and App Lifecycle Management Challenges 
  • Role Mapping and Privileged Access Management 

Join Alistair Pugin and Nicolas Blank as they walk you through identifying risky apps in your Entra ID tenant and, more importantly – the steps you need to take next to fix and securely configure applications. They’ll focus on things like:

  • How applications are deployed 
  • What security really means in Entra ID 
  • How to make sure that your applications are secured 
  • How to continuously evaluate your Application Security Posture

Just because a vendor automates the deployment of applications in Entra ID, doesn’t mean that these applications are locked down and hardened correctly in your tenant, as witnessed in the Midnight Blizzard attack on Microsoft. Don’t be a sitting duck - watch the recording and discover precisely what you need to look for and act on to ensure that your app stack is protected and governed.  

In this exclusive session, Garth and co-host Robert Hinger, ENow’s Enterprise Technical CSM, will guide you through real-world scenarios and showcase how ENow’s GALsync tool simplifies syncing woes into a streamlined and successful endeavor. You'll gain invaluable knowledge, including: 

  • Tales of GAL syncing gone awry – straight from the field. 
  • The critical importance of nailing GAL syncing right from the start. 
  • Important considerations for a hybrid environment. 
  • The transformative power of automation in scenarios like Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, migrations, and across various communication protocols. 
  • How the ENow GALsync solution makes sense for your organization

Microsoft MVPs Alistair Pugin and Nicolas Blank explore the top 5 risks associated with application security and more, including:

  • A break down of the recent "Midnight Blizzard" attack on Microsoft
  • Injection attacks
  • Broken authentication and session management
  • Sensitive data exposure
  • Security misconfiguration
  • Insufficient logging and monitoring

Learn what to look for in your Entra ID environment, how to find it, and what to communicate to your dev team to ensure maximum efficacy and security around application governance for your organization.


Best Practices for Application Governance in Microsoft Entra ID

For most organizations, Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) applications are a ticking time bomb, a security risk that is now forcing CISOs to view these vulnerabilities under a magnifying glass. Whether internal developers are creating applications or employees are purchasing 3rd party shadow IT solutions, many organizations are continuously - and unknowingly! - integrating these apps into Entra ID despite the ramifications.

A round-table of industry experts provide best practices when it comes to application governance, walking you through the following:

  • How to accurately find rogue and orphaned apps in your tenant
  • What to look for when locking down risky applications
  • How to lower your attack surface and application profile risk

As you remove and clean up risky apps, track your progress along the way with a solution that also provides recommendations.


Today's Top 5 Challenges with Microsoft 365

In today’s cloud-first, Microsoft-dominated world, many organizations have migrated or are in the process of migrating Workplace productivity solutions to Microsoft 365 platforms. With any major technological infrastructure change comes a host of new administrative, maintenance and management challenges.

Nicolas Blank, dual MVP for Microsoft 365 Apps and Services and Azure, Microsoft Certified Master for Exchange and Microsoft 365 and Alistair Pugin, Microsoft 365 and Security MVP, help admins navigate evolving Microsoft 365 nuances:

  1. How M365 monitoring is evolving in a hybrid-cloud world
  2. Mitigating common challenges around Teams Call Quality
  3. How to adhere to Governance policies and minimize usage impacts without losing your mind
  4. How to identify users that need training and increase adoption
  5. Doing more with less - supporting finance with license renewals

It's absolutely necessary for organizations to have a proactive approach to Microsoft 365 monitoring, and easily access data needed to make important decisions that improve overall end-user experience, productivity, and contribute to the bottom line.


6 Steps to Effective Microsoft 365 Licensing Optimization

Ben Marshall, Global Product Lead for Microsoft Licensing at HP Inc. and ENow CEO Jay Gundotra outline best practices for M365 Licensing Optimization.

Jay and Ben guide you on how to achieve major cost savings with different techniques and leading-edge Licensing Optimization Reports; Eliminate License Sprawl and prevent over-purchasing from happening in the future; and how to manage license purchase and usage more efficiently with reporting tools that provide visibility into utilization, and easily identify candidates for Licensing Optimization.


Secure and Monitor Active Directory

In this on-demand webinar, Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer and ENow CEO Jay Gundotra clear up common misconceptions for Active Directory admins. Get ready to learn about the intricacies of monitoring all aspects of Active Directory and gain valuable insights around detailed reporting. But more importantly, learn how to do Active Directory right, so even if it is the oldest technology in the house - you don’t have to worry about the solution suddenly dying on you.

Import of AD Mon-Webinar-Featured-Image2

The Importance of Active Directory Monitoring

There is a difference between Active Directory monitoring and Domain Controller monitoring. There are also differences between monitoring and reporting. 

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer and ENow CEO Jay Gundotra provide insight on monitoring Active Directory’s vitals, but also your Domain Controllers’, and DNS and NTP. Get ready to learn the intricacies of monitoring all aspects of Active Directory. Most importantly, learn how to do Active Directory right so it doesn’t become a liability to your organization.

Mastering Call Quality in Microsoft Teams

Do you know how to monitor, manage, and, most importantly, troubleshoot Microsoft Teams call quality across your tenant? When you deployed Microsoft Teams, the chances are that you spent little time worrying about call quality.

Microsoft MVPs Tom Arbuthnot and Ben Lee cover the following topics:

  • Best way to use the Microsoft Native tools, including the Teams Admin Center and Call Quality Dashboard
  • Identify the main factors that influence Microsoft Teams calling quality
  • How you can augment them with simple-to-use and clear dashboards that give you quick access to the key metrics