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Office 365 Monitoring: Microsoft Teams Outage (June 11, 2020)

On June 11th 2020 at ~2:30pm UTC, Microsoft reported that they were investigating an issue with Microsoft Teams.


Several users began confirming the issue throughout Ireland, India, and the UK. While others expressed their frustration with the outage as well as the fact that  information was not being updated in the admin center.

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Just over an hour later, at ~3:30pm UTC, Microsoft reported that that impact associated with Microsoft Teams had been mitigated.


End to End Monitoring with ENow

With more users than ever working remote, it’s so important to have the proper Office 365 monitoring in place to ensure your organization is prepared when an outage happens. It’s critical for your organization to be equipped with the right tools to manage an outage and avoid any major impact you might otherwise face. When you have the right monitoring, it lets IT Pros better prepare when an outage occurs.

That’s where ENow’s Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting Solution comes in. It’s designed in a way assists both IT Pros and users within your organization. This solution identifies the exact services affected by an outage and leaves a trail directly to the root cause of the outage. Enow’s solution helps IT Pros to monitor your organization's whole environment in one place.

ENow’s remote probes give IT Pros the full picture of services, as well as subsets of services that an outage is affecting. Without the proper solution, this information isn’t available to your organizations and makes identifying all of the issues that need to be addressed during an outage that much harder. IT Pros are also able to monitor the status of multiple services through end user experience monitoring probes that cover a range of Office 365 apps and cloud-based collaboration systems like OneDrive, Zoom and Salesforce.

Lastly, the ENow Dashboard consolidates all outage information into one location which eliminates the need to frantically refresh Twitter and check the Service Health Dashboard for answers.


Tired of being left in the dark during service outages? Try ENow's Office 365 Monitoring solution.

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