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Office 365 Monitoring: Microsoft Teams Outage June 18, 2020

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On June 18th, 2020 at ~7:00am UTC, Microsoft reported an issue that was causing problems receiving messages in Microsoft Teams throughout North America.

They soon after reported that they were rerouting service traffic through alternate infrastructure and tentatively started to recover.


Users started reporting that their organizations were not able to access chat. Others reported that they were also unable to receive external calls in addition to issues with chat.


Roughly an hour later at ~8:30 am UTC, Microsoft reported that they successfully rerouted traffic and have validated that service was restored.



The Importance of Office 365 Monitoring

In a cloud-world, outages are bound to happen. While Microsoft is responsible for restoring service during outages, IT needs to take ownership of their environment and user experience. It is crucial to have greater visibility into business impacts during a service outage the moment it happens.

ENow’s Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting solution enables IT Pros to pinpoint the exact services effected and root cause of the issues an organization is experiencing during a service outage by providing:

  • The ability to monitor entire environments in one place with ENow’s OneLook dashboard which makes identifying a problem fast and easy without having to scramble through Twitter and the Service Health Dashboard looking for answers.
  • A full picture of all services and subset of services affected during an outage with ENow’s remote probes which covers several Office 365 apps and other cloud-based collaboration services.

Identify the scope of Office 365 service outage impacts and restore workplace productivity with ENow’s Office 365 Monitoring and Reporting solution. Access your free 14-day trial today!

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