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Top 10 Best Security Practices for Azure

Image of Dominik Hoefling MVP
Dominik Hoefling MVP

At Microsoft Ignite 2019 last year Mark Simos, Lead Architect for the Microsoft Cybersecurity Solution Group, ran a groundbreaking session about the top ten best security practices for Azure today. In his session, he discusses the need for stronger cloud security as more computing environments moving to the cloud. This blog post covers a summary of the session and gives you an overview about the latest Azure security innovations and what’s new in Azure Security Center.

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Email Security: How to Protect Against CFO Fraud (Part 2)

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

In Part 1, I discussed the implication of CFO fraud and how it can affect your company. It can cost a lost of money when transferred to the wrong accounts, CEOs and CFOs get fired and I won’t mention the reputational damage, which can also be substantial. I also discussed the technical part to fight this (i.e. implementing SPF, DKIM and DMARC). This can help you prevent external mail servers trying to spoof your domain and trying to impersonate your users.

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Want to learn more about Active Directory?

Active Directory Administration Cookbook, 2nd Edition

In this book, Microsoft MVP & Technical Editor of ENow's Azure & Active Directory Center, Sander Berkouwer will share the intricacies of managing Azure AD, Azure AD Connect as well as Active Directory for administration in the cloud and on Windows Server 2022.