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Weak Password and how Active Directory can help

How to Prevent Users from Using Weak Passwords

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

Previously, MVP Nicolas Blank wrote an interesting article "Having an Identity Crisis" and it talked about all kinds of attacks on your environment. One such attack is on user email.  Users tend to choose a password that is easy for them to remember and this makes the password weak and easy to guess by others.  Even with some social engineering, user passwords are easy to retrieve, as can be seen on this YouTube clip What is your password?

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Path to Success

Powershell: Validating Powershell Advanced Function Parameters Part I

Image of ENow Software
ENow Software

Powershell functions can be created as advanced functions. These functions behave very similarly to built-in Powershell cmdlets. Because I can't do without the ability to add a -Verbose or -Debug parameter to my functions now nowadays, these are the only kind of functions I build. Advanced functions, just like "dumb" functions, have parameters. The parameters are the values that are passed into the function from your script.

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Path to Success

Upping your Parameter Validation Game with Dynamic Parameters Part II

Image of ENow Software
ENow Software

Now that you've got an understanding of Powershell's advanced functions and the ValidateSet() parameter validation method in the first part of this blog, “Validating Powershell Advanced Function Parameters” you can begin Part #2 of this small post series. Part 2 of this series goes deeper by demonstrating how to dynamically create your sets for ValidateSet() so they aren't hardcoded in. This is essential when dealing with values that may constantly change or even if you just want to practice writing good scripting and have no static references.

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Settings Edit pop up

AD FS Claims Rules and Modern Authentication

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

Modern authentication has been around for a while now, and it’s great. It brought support for the latest and greatest in authentication and authorization protocols and made new scenarios available. It gave us simple, unified experience across devices and platforms and improvements to the Alternate Login ID feature. On top of all that, it enabled proper support for two-factor authentication for all clients and put an end to the Office 2013 RTM fiasco (bye-bye rich clients, rest in peace app passwords!).

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AD flowchart

Building an Exchange 2013 LAB Environment using Windows Server 2012

Image of Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan

In the previous two parts of this series I took you through building a Windows 2012 server on Hyper-V Server and then in the second part took you through the process of installing Active Directory Domain Services.

In this part of the series I would like to take you through the process of installing and configuring Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services on your domain controller.

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Sander-AD-Book-2nd edition copy

Want to learn more about Active Directory?

Active Directory Administration Cookbook, 2nd Edition

In this book, Microsoft MVP & Technical Editor of ENow's Azure & Active Directory Center, Sander Berkouwer will share the intricacies of managing Azure AD, Azure AD Connect as well as Active Directory for administration in the cloud and on Windows Server 2022.