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Having an Identity Crisis

Image of Nicolas Blank
Nicolas Blank

My email address is my identity

In Active Directory on-premises or Azure Active Directory (AAD), used by Office 365, our User Principal Name (UPN) is often the same as our email address. These days, we often log in with our email addresses, which means that whatever we’re “using under the hood” from an authentication point of view is the same as our email address. This convention of making our email address the same as our UPN is common practice and even advocated by Microsoft.

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Thanks for all the Phish...

Image of Chris Goosen
Chris Goosen

There’s a running joke in the industry that the COVID-19 pandemic has done more to drive digital transformation in organizations than any consultant, project team or CTO. While this may be a slight exaggeration, there is definitely an element of truth to it. Many organizations have historically been slow to adopt remote working practices, but the pandemic and associated lockdowns have forced organizations all over the world to change their work from home policies and accelerate the deployment of tools to support telecommuting.

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First Look at Access Reviews for Office 365 Groups and Applications

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

In the last few weeks we have been frantically recapping the dozens of announcements made at Ignite 2017. As usual, many of the features demoed at the conference will only show up in production after few weeks or even months, but some are already available in Preview. In this article, we will do a short overview of one such feature, namely Access Reviews for Office 365 groups and applications.

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Using Microsoft Flow

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

If there is anything consistent about Office 365,  it's change . Not only do the services that you use all the time change constantly, but there are also new services added to Office 365 on a regular basis. Microsoft wants to build Office 365 into a complete business productivity suite, and they are doing that by making sure all your bases are covered.

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Advanced Security Management in Office 365 – One Year After Launch

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

A few months back, we did a short introduction to Advanced Security Management (ASM), a stripped-down version of the Cloud App Security suite, tailored to the needs of Office 365 administrators. As it is now a year since the product was officially launched, I thought it’s a good idea to take it for another spin and compare it to its big brother, in terms of Office 365 related functionalities that is.

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Active Directory Administration Cookbook, 2nd Edition

In this book, Microsoft MVP & Technical Editor of ENow's Azure & Active Directory Center, Sander Berkouwer will share the intricacies of managing Azure AD, Azure AD Connect as well as Active Directory for administration in the cloud and on Windows Server 2022.