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New Features for Single Item Recovery

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

New Features for Single Item Recovery

There's a lot of content out there about backups for Office 365. I, personally, have written and spoken a lot about backups for Office 365. If you ask 10 experts, you will probably get 10 different opinions about how, or why, or what you should or should not backup in Office 365. Depending on the day (and let’s be honest, who I am working for) I may give you different answers myself.

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Modern Authentication Updates in Exchange Online

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

Modern Auth Updates in Exchange Online

The great thing about Office 365 is that it is a constantly updated service. For your subscription, your organization is constantly getting new features and functionality that can greatly improve the overall Office 365 experience. Of course, the downside of that is that IT pros working in Office 365 need to keep up to date on these changes. Luckily for you, you have found this amazing blog post that is going to explain some recent updates to Modern Authentication in Exchange Online.

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Outlook: Limits and Performance

Image of Ingo Gegenwarth
Ingo Gegenwarth

When it comes to collaboration, Outlook is still the most in common tool. It’s not only an e-mail client, it allows you also managing your appointments, tasks etc.

Especially the manager-delegate scenario, Outlook is THE tool to be used. But even we have great features, supporting our daily work and many scenarios, there are always limits. And these limits can cause a lot of trouble.

In almost all cases you can avoid these issues, when you follow some principals. But therefore, you might need some background, which I’m covering in this post.

Folder Limit

This limit is by far the most seen issue in the fields (this is at least true for me and my teammates!). In the past the limit was 500 and was increased to 5000 for the C2R version of Outlook. This is mentioned first in the resolution section of the KB article:

Performance and synchronization problems when you work with folders in a secondary mailbox in Outlook

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Still Running Exchange 2010? Now What...

Image of Jaap Wesselius
Jaap Wesselius

Years ago, you moved successfully from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and to be honest, you’re still very satisfied with it. Update rollups appear frequently and your Office 2010 still functions properly, so everybody is happy. But all good things come to an end, and as such January 14, 2020 is an important date. Why? Because it’s the end data for extended support for Exchange 2010 and with all the social networking on this topic you shouldn’t have missed it….

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