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The Curious Logic Behind Some EOP Routing Decisions

Image of Michael Van Horenbeeck MVP, MCSM
Michael Van Horenbeeck MVP, MCSM

Recently, one of my customers reached out to me stating they were having trouble delivering emails due to SPF failures. While it’s not uncommon for SPF checks to fail (you don’t want to know how many organizations struggle implementing SPF records correctly!), I was a little surprised. After all, the customer had successfully implemented SPF records for quite some time now, and rarely ran into issues with it.

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Google beating Microsoft in mobile apps? Maybe for consumer, but not for business

Image of Tony Redmond MVP
Tony Redmond MVP
The nice people at SurveyMonkey sent me a note about their blog post of 20 April titled “Office 365 vs. Google Apps: Microsoft struggles to compete on mobile” to outline the case that Google has outpaced Microsoft in every (mobile application) category. However, I’m not sure that the arguments they advance are on the mark.
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Exchange 2013 Lab Tutorial: Part 7- Setting up DAG Databases and SSL

Image of Andy Grogan
Andy Grogan

As we are now in Part 7 of this series, let's recap the previous parts.

In Parts 1 and 2, we established our domain design, covered how to provision the Domain Controller for the LAB in Hyper-V and then how to install Windows Server 2012 on the Domain Controller, and we went through the process of installing Active Directory Domain Services on the LAB domain controller using PowerShell.

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