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Office 365 Monitoring: Microsoft 365 Services Outage April 8, 2021

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ENow Software

On April 8, 2021 at ~8:15 pm UTC, Microsoft reported an issue that was preventing users in LATAM from accessing Microsoft 365 services and features.

Many users took to Twitter to share their frustration over the recent stream of outages, including a few major outages in recent weeks that left Microsoft 365 services down for hours. Some even joked about experiencing the feeling of deja vu.

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Office 365 Outages: Practical Tips and Resources to Prepare for Next Time

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AmyKelly Petruzzella

Microsoft’s Office 365 has had a rough couple of months when it comes to service outages. While every outage is different, one thing remains constant – disruption to your organization.

Just think about the three most recent outages. Were you prepared? How were your first alerted? How did you respond? Were you able to calculate IT downtime and lost productivity among your end-users?

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