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Alternative Architecture for Exchange On-Premises (Medium to Large Environments)

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Andrew Higginbotham

In my first article in this series, I discussed Alternative Architecture options for Small Businesses who choose to stay on-premises. My intent was to ensure that if a business chose to remain on-premises but did not wish to implement Microsoft’s Preferred Architecture for Exchange, they would at least deploy in a way that will reduce complexity and increase uptime of the solution. While the first article focused on options for small businesses, this article will begin to discuss common deployment options seen in medium to large environments. We’ll focus on popular storage technologies found in this space; RAID and advanced storage solutions (SAN/NAS/Hyper converged). As the type of architecture found in this space is so varied, we’ll focus more on sound design principles and best practices.

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Restricting Access to Security and Compliance Center Functionalities

Image of Vasil Michev MVP
Vasil Michev MVP

About a year ago, we published an article on how to manage preservation policies in the new Security and Compliance Center in Office 365 via PowerShell. Over the course of the last year, a great number of new features have been added to the SCC, which is now the central place for data governance in Office 365. With some minor exceptions, all of the functionalities exposed in the SCC are very sensitive and controlling access to them is vital. In this article, we will cover some methods to restrict access to the SCC features. By using PowerShell, of course!

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What Does “Supported” Mean to Microsoft?

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM

There are a few words Microsoft likes to use in several different situations. “Federated” is a great example of this. Federated can mean several different things in the Microsoft world, and it can sometimes be hard to tell what sort of “federation” you’re talking about.

“Supported” is another word Microsoft uses to mean different things in different situations, and what I’d like to talk about in this blog post.

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Are You Ready for Exchange 2016?

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ENow Software

Despite the recent surge in popularity of the cloud, moving to Office 365 isn't a viable option for every modern-day business. For this reason, enterprise-based Exchange will continue to be a mission-critical platform for many companies, and Microsoft has shown no sign of abandoning the platform anytime soon.

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Office 365 Security & Compliance Center – Part 2

Image of Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Nathan O'Bryan MCSM
Office 365 is a collection of online services that allow organizations to use Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint in the cloud. In the nearly five years that Office 365 has been available most of the organizations using Office 365 have used it just like that; for Exchange or Skype for Business or SharePoint in the cloud. Some organizations are using more than one of those services, but for the most part they are still using them separately.
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